14K Yellow Gold with Diamond Necklace


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Two single necklaces .

- Made in gold plated.

- Color : 14K Gold.

- Length: 1, Diamond necklace is Adjustable length from 40cm-45cm.

                2. Cross necklace is Adjustable length from 41cm-55cm


Materials: 18k gold plated

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"Outstanding customer service and charming products. Your catalog is fabulous. 

What really touched me was the packaging: instruction, thanks card, and top quality Flannel bag with Laviare logo printed on each.

I also purchased couple items as a birthday gift to my gf and I still can remember the joy on her face after seeing those gorgeous necklaces.

Thank you and best wishes"

Michael. D
Toronto, ON

"Where do I start, just gorgeous... beautiful quality and deisgn, like magic"

Alexandro Lawson
Livermore, CA